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He Went and Made Proclamation to Spirits in Prison

May 21, 2023 Speaker: Chris Greer Series: 1 Peter: Following Jesus as Exiles

Topic: Sermons Passage: 1 Peter 3:18–20

We break down the passage phrase by phrase, comparing with similar enlightening passages elsewhere in the scriptures, to arrive at the author's intended meaning - and it's BIG!

There have been two prominent interpretations of this passage throughout church history:
1. Noah by the Spirit of Christ was preaching to the wicked in his day. Human spirits now in prison who once lived in Noah’s day and did not heed his preaching. (2 Peter, Noah is preacher of righteousness, 1 Peter, spirit of the prophets)
2. In some sense, Jesus proclaims His victory over sin, Satan, and death after His resurrection.
The second is the position taken and exposited in this message.

There is a third interpretation that we believe has no biblical support, which is that Jesus between his death and resurrection went to hades to give some wicked people a second chance to believe and be saved; this is contrary to the clear teaching in the rest of the bible that man dies once and after comes judgement (Heb 9:27).

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