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Local Outreach

We are actively involved in various ministries of outreach, teaching and support throughout our community.

Piedmont Women’s Center

The Piedmont Women's Center (PWC) is a pro-life center created to promote and support women and men who are considering abortion or need the ability to recover from abortion. Several of our women volunteer at PWC as counselors. We also collect supplies and materials both for general use and to use as gifts for expectant mothers.

Miracle Hill

Miracle Hill Ministries is a Christian organization that seeks to "show Christ's love to children, women, and men experiencing homelessness."  We are partnering with them in this through giving, prayer, and serving in their rescue missions with current residents.  We have men in the body who preach every Sunday morning at their chapel services.

Life Chain 

The Life Chain movement is an opportunity for us as believers to stand in solidarity with other believers around the issue of abortion and life.  We do this once a year on the nationwide Life chain day in October.