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Our Leadership

New Covenant Christian Fellowship leadership consists of elders and deacons. 

SteveSteve C., Elder

Forty years ago the Lord Jesus Christ saved me out of a life of drugs and new age spiritism. Eventually it became clear that He had also called me to minister His word and watch for people's souls as a shepherd/teacher in the body of Christ. Serving the Lord faithfully by helping fellow believers understand God's word and grow in His marvelous grace is my life's pursuit. God has given me a precious wife, Gwen, who also loves God dearly and shares the vision of building up believers in the Lord. We are blessed with four adult children and four grandchildren. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our common faith, hope and love in Christ Jesus.    

ChrisChris G., Elder

I have been at NCCF since the very beginning (2005) when we were meeting in Steve's house. I became an elder in the fall of 2010. I am thankful to the Lord for the family He has given me at NCCF. My wife and I continually pray that the Lord will increase our love for Jesus Christ, His people, and His truth. We pray that the Lord will continue use NCCF to bring the light of the gospel to those who sit in darkness and that He would make us a people who are zealous for good works. 


MartyMarty J., Deacon

My wife (Logan) and I have been believers since we were eleven years old, and we have been growing in knowledge of Him and his love ever since. The Lord brought us together in marriage in 2013, and we had our first child (Adelaide) in 2014. We now have three children (born in 2014, 2016, and 2018)! I am blessed beyond measure to have these gifts from the Lord in my wife and children! We are seeking to serve the Lord faithfully as a part of our local body of believers, doing good works and serving our brethren however we can. As a deacon, I am excited to organize forums and ministries for the benefit of our body and making disciples of all nations. We look forward to meeting you, and Lord willing, serving and worshiping alongside you.   

DaveDave S., Deacon  

My wife and I were both saved and became part of NCCF in 2005 when it first started. The Lord has greatly used NCCF to grow and mature us over the years. One thing that we both strongly desire to see is for God to continue to use and grow NCCF as a body of believers dedicated to truth, love, and reaching out to a dark world with the light of the Gospel. My goal as a deacon is to serve the body of Christ in whatever ways needed. There is great joy in serving and I’m sure even greater joy at hearing the words “Well done, my good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21). Along with being a deacon, I also serve as the music leader.

JonahWebJonah S., Deacon

After growing up in a "christian" setting, the Lord has blessed me with a passion for truth and brotherhood largely through my brothers at New Covenant Christian Fellowship. My wife Diana and daughter Annabelle are truly undeserved blessings from the Lord, and we look forward to continuing to serve Him at NCCF alongside our brothers and sisters.




MattMatt T., Deacon

It is a special privilege to serve the Lord and his church and I'm very glad to be able to do that at NCCF. I have been here since 2006 and have seen the Lord work in myself and others through a love of Truth, Brotherhood, and Jesus Christ. I care about seeing the truth of the gospel go forth from our body and to the world around us. I want to continually be faithful in the small things of our lives and the church.