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New Testament Reading Plan

Average reading time: 7 minutes for five days a week.

6 Month (Jan-Jun 2021) New Testament Reading Plan

6 Month (Jul-Dec 2021) New Testament Reading Plan

The NT sections are grouped by similar authors (Mark/Peter; Luke/Acts/Paul; John/Revelation) or outlook (Matthew/Hebrews/James/Jude) and always include a Gospel along with associated letters. Luke-Acts is presented together with Paul's letters which are themselves organized by assumed date written rather than canonical order.

Encounter Jesus Christ again and again as you read of His incarnation, life, teaching, miracles, death, resurrection and ascension in the historically reliable documents of the Gospels; Watch the proclamation of Jesus Christ expand across the Roman Empire bringing salvation to multitudes of Jews and Gentiles through the Holy Spirit empowered narrative of Acts; Understand the riches of union with Christ as the Apostles expound the New Covenant realities of God's grace in their inspired Letters; Be in awe as the present reigning Lord Jesus Christ guides all of human history to its final outcome in a universal day of Judgment which ushers in a New Jerusalem situated in a New Heavens and New Earth through the gripping imagery of the Apocalypse (Revelation)!

Note: If you need to start sometime mid-year, this plan is repeated in the schedule to accommodate an entire calendar year. Just jump in today on the current date and cycle through until you complete the entire NT. Next year's schedule will be available in December.