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Whole Bible Reading Plan

Average reading time: 10 minutes for five days a week

2 Year OT/NT (2021-2022) Bible Reading Plan

This plan will enable you to read through the major sections (Law, Histories, Prophets) of the Old Testament (once) and the entire New Testament (twice) in two years. To give a balanced spiritual 'diet', the schedule alternates between sections the OT and NT. The OT sections are - where possible - organized chronologically. The NT sections are grouped by similar authors (Mark/Peter; Luke/Acts/Paul; John/Revelation) or outlook (Matthew/Hebrews/James/Jude) and always include a Gospel along with associated letters. Luke-Acts is presented together with Paul's letters which are themselves organized by assumed date written rather than canonical order.

We suggest reading this schedule along with the separate plans for Psalms and Proverbs to complete the Old Testament literature.

Note: You do not have to wait for the beginning of a book - just jump in today on the current date and start cycling through the schedule.