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Why Did Jesus Come?

September 1, 2019 Speaker: Ben Hannon Series: Miscellaneous

Topic: Sermons Passage: Luke 15:1–15:32, Luke 4:16–4:21, Luke 11:37–11:44, Luke 13:1–13:5, Luke 19:10

The scribes were discontent with Jesus receiving sinners, but those lost, sick, needy are the ones he came for, to help, heal, save! Jesus tells three parables to the pharisees to communicate his heart toward lost people, all three were about "lost" things: a lost sheep, a lost coin, a lost/dead son.
1. Jesus recognizes the desperate nature of his audience: they are lost/perishing!
2. The state of the audience drives Jesus to do what is necessary to save them.
3. Jesus compassion towards repentant sinners is displayed most clearly in the Father’s lavish love toward his son who returns.
4. The results of Jesus’ mission is joy, in heaven and on earth.
5. The older son represents the scribes and Pharisees who exclude themselves from sharing in heavens joy.
-Jesus has a heart for sinners, and so our hearts should also be for sinners!
-True Christians will rejoice at conversion stories, when sinners turn to God, repent, and are saved!
-With whom do you more closely identity, the Scribes and Pharisees or tax collectors and sinners?

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