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An Introduction to the Gospels

June 4, 2017 Speaker: Steve Cowden Series: The Gospels

Topic: Sermons Passage: John 20:30–31

We will be exploring the grace of the life and ministry of Jesus through the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Harmony - conflate all 4 gospels into 1, make 1 gospel out of all 4, and reads nice, but is not the best way to read them together

Synopsis - 4 columns, where material is shared, you see it next to the others (recommend Kurt Aland's Synopsis of the Gospels [English])

Common Features and Characteristics of the Gospels:
1. Consciously Tell a Gripping Story
2. Consciously Present Real History
3. Consciously Focus on a Unique Person
4. Consciously Record Eyewitness Testimony
5. Consciously Extend the History of Redemption
6. Consciously Emphasize Death and Resurrection
7. Consciously Proclaim the Gospel of God
8. Consciously Address an Open Audience
9. Consciously Write a Permanent Record
10. Consciously Assume and Interact with Opposition