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God's Approval: Food & Work

February 26, 2017 Speaker: Chris Greer Series: Foundations: Study Through Genesis

Topic: Sermons Passage: Genesis 1:27–1:31, 1 Corinthians 8:1–8:13, Romans 14:1–14:3

Everything created by God is good, and everything is to be received with gratitude. After God creates man and woman in his own image, he made food and works for them. In the law, certain foods were prohibited for the purpose of distinction between God's people and the world, similar to how today we should stand out as ambassadors in this world. God created work before the fall as a good thing in creation, and it is one of the expressions of creativity in God's image. But don't destroy the work of God for food. We pursue the things that make for peace and encourage one another in love.

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