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Hello and welcome to New Covenant Christian Fellowship (or NCCF as we like to call it). We are a body of born-again Christians who emphasize Jesus Christ, Brotherhood, and Truth. That means when you arrive, we aren't concerned with what you wear or where you've come from. We care about preaching and teaching the Truth from the Word of God, emphasizing Jesus Christ in our lives and living out the Christian life in real brotherhood and fellowship. In addition to that, we identify with the historic Christian church and its various expressions from the the day of Pentecost until now. The term we like to use is "Historic Christianity for the 21st Century."



1. What are your basic beliefs

We believe the Holy Scriptures are the inerrant word of the living God and have authority over our life, actions and thoughts. We believe in the historic expression of the Trinity as expressed in the Nicene creed. We believe in the atoning work of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection for forgiveness of sins. We believe that repentance and faith are essential to following Christ. read more... 


2. When do you meet? 

Our primary worship time is Sunday morning starting at 10:00am for Sunday School, then continuing with the Worship Service at 11:00am. During the week we have various activities that happen on a monthly basis. Whether it's our Accountability Groups, our Ladies Sing & Share or our Men's Regional Prayer or our Corporate Regional Prayer, we offer times of teaching, prayer, and fellowship for the whole body every month. read more...


3. What is the worship like?

Intermittent with public readings of Scripture, we choose to sing songs that accurately convey the glory, worth, and truth of God. The types of songs we sing include contemporary songs of worship and praise as well as hymns set to ancient and modern arrangements. The music is acoustically driven supplemented with piano, bass, drums, and various percussive instruments. In addition to congregational songs and hymns, we occasionally perform special music led by anyone who feels led to encourage the body with music during a Sunday morning service. read more...


4. Are you family oriented?

We are a body of believers with families both young & old. We provide opportunities for Men, Women, children and families to participate, grow and learn both as a family and individually. read more... 


5. Do you practice discipleship?

Though we don't have a formal discipleship program, we do have intentionality towards the goal of discipleship according to scripture. Discipleship is what happens when believers learn in sunday school, bible studies or morning worship times, when they interact in fellowship, encouragement & admonishment through accountability groups, prayer meetings, and other body life forums. In short, discipleship occurs naturally when you participate as part of the body of Christ.