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Grace Deaf Missions

Keith and Sharon Doster, Robert Morgret and Alberto Alcantar

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According to statistics, the Deaf are the fourth largest unreached people group in the world. Part of the reason for this is because they are not restricted to any particular geographic location. Deaf people live all over the world, with their own peculiar signed languages, which makes them a global unreached group.

Many thousands of deaf people live in Mexico where there are very few opportunities for the Deaf to get an education, a job, and most importantly, to "hear" the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. The goal of Grace Deaf Missions is to take the biblical Gospel to the Deaf of Mexico in the only language they understand: Mexican Sign Language.

Currently we have one deaf missionary living in the city of Leon. Robert Morgret is working along with Alberto Alcantar, a lifetime deaf resident of Leon, to reach out to the Deaf of Leon, a city of approximately 2 million people. Robert and Alberto are also working with a local church, Jesus la Vid Verdadera (Jesus, the True Vine Presbyterian Church) to establish a school and provide ongoing opportunities for the Deaf to be taught the word of God. We hope to begin a similar work in Mexico City this year.

Pray for Grace Deaf Missions

  • Pray for clear direction from the Lord as to how we should proceed in this work.
  • Ask the Lord to give us partner churches in Mexico that are willing to take the Gospel to the Deaf in their communities, and provide oversight of the work locally.
  • Pray for people in our Mexican partner churches to be willing to learn Mexican Sign Language.
  • Ask the Lord to give us partnering American churches that will pray for us and help provide the needed finances for our efforts.