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Family Matters III - Saturday, March 22 - DINNER SIGN UPS


Dinner for family matters will consist of sub sandwiches. When you sign up, put the number of people and please choose your preference for either Turkey or Roast Beef. The cost for meals will be $5 for adult and $2 per child.

If you don't plan to eat or plan to bring your own food, please still sign up and state "not eating".

Sign up in the comments section below. 


I know I have commented the most but change again- we will be there but not eating :).

I am planning on coming with abi and than. 1 roast beef and 1 turkey should feed us. I hope I didn't sign up too late. If so I can bring our food.

Michael will be coming back in town sometime on saturday. I will plan on coming to family matters but we won't eat. thanks:)

Oh-turkey for Jonah. Thanks!

It's been confirmed-we plan on being there, but only Jonah will be eating the provided meal. Thank you!

I'm planning on coming but Michael has to work. I won't be staying for dinner.

Just me and the kids, but they won't be eating.
So one adult, roast beef please!

David will eat, but I'm bringing a salad instead. Thanks.

No supper, plz. 🌸

Just me, no kids this time. I will eat a roast beef sub.

Clint and Aiden will NOT be eating-bringing our own food

Elizabeth & Patrick will be there, 1 turkey 1 roast beef

The Crutchfields will be there. (2 turkeys)

Correction, 1 Hannon adult, 2 Hannon kids.(Ben has to work.) 3 turkeys

Justin and the boys will be there, I will be as long as I'm not doulaing.

3 roast beef 1 turkey